Valve Job

Usually, most older cars, classic cars and muscle car engines that have over 80,000 miles on them require head reworking, which includes a valve job especially if you have a "burned valve". If you have noticed a power drop and have noticed oil burning and/or smoke pouring from the exhaust (especially at startup) than you most likely need a valve job. Don’t hesitate and bring your vehicle to your friends of Santa Fe Garage Auto Service.

Sometimes small hairline cracks occur where the valve meets the seat. Cracks are bad news because they can leak coolant into the combustion chamber damaging the cylinders and/or causing the engine to lose coolant and overheat. If cracks are found in any critical areas of the head, the head must either be repaired or replaced. Cracks in cast iron heads are most often repaired by "pinning" (installing a series of overlapping threaded pins). Cracks in aluminum heads are very common and can often be repaired by welding.

The advantages of having Santa Fe Garage Auto Service we perform a new valve job for your tired engine is that it can restore power and reduce oil burning and smoking. Other advantages you will notice are reduced gas consumption, which means better fuel economy along with the increased horsepower. With a new valve job by Santa Fe Garage Auto Service you get new valves, springs, guides, seats, retainers and the usual quality cylinder head machine work that only Santa Fe Garage Auto Service can provide.